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2021 A Year To Remember

As an Artist during a pandemic, it’s easy to fall into depression or give up on your dreams but all artists aren’t created equally - some work best under pressure and so they rise to the occasion and make their dreams a reality. 2021 was a year of many firsts for Nego Hights, first time in a pandemic, first time unable to perform (medical reasons), first time releasing a dancehall album, first time releasing a “Momma“ song and with all the health struggles and dull moments, the Warrior was still able to release some of his best work to date. At the start of the year, Nego Hights released his first single/video “Get The Best Ah Dem” off the Top Secret album followed by “Fi Mama” single/video then came “Mi Know” feat. Kazayah. The album Top Secret which is Nego Hights second studio album to date was released in July 23. The 11 track project boasts a host of producers from around the world making it a true melting pot of sounds and styles. Just like this year started off with a bang for the artist with a release so it has ended with the release of his third track on the Godami Music label entitled “We Are Not The Same”. 2021 was surely a year to remember and if the powers that be allows it, the goal for 2022 is to out do 2021 and make it the best year ever. Special thank you to D.O.V.E Muzik for making it all possible and to all those who love and support the art, the music, the message and the messenger, thank you we are truly grateful, we pray that the new year brings you nothing but blessings and prosperity, now let’s go make some new memories! #NohFraidings #WahDuhWahDah


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