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Starting 2021 with a bang!

2020, the year of clear vision is now over and its legal adult sibling is here and there is no better way to start it other than with a bang! Nego Hights did just that by releasing the official music video for “Bad Mind Get The Best Ah Dem”, a certified banger from his forthcoming album TOP SECRET. “Bad Mind Get The Best Ah Dem” or BMGTBAD is the first single to be released from the artist’s first dancehall studio album. Trust and believe the track is pure fire while the video is a movie. If you ever had a bad-minded friend or family member you will be able to relate to this track and if you haven’t it surely will have you scrutinizing your circle. BMGTBAD was produced by Allisandro Crawford JA, mixed by Wadadah ll of D.O.V.E Muzik IL, and mastered by Fire Wayne of Echo One Sound JA. Click the link to watch BMGTBAD now! Please remember to like, comment, share and subscribe.

Best wishes to you all for 2021!

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Sicrena Eccleston
Sicrena Eccleston
Feb 03, 2021

Nuff success n blessings king!

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